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          About us
          Boffin Mechanical
          Boffin Mechanical
          Guangdong Boffin Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd is a modern equipment enterprise engaged in professional R&D, manufacture and sales of machinery. As an enterprise with top innovation power in developing feeding systems for polished tile production, the company always adheres to the philosophy of “Innovating your creativity”. Since its establishment, it has been dedicated to independent R&D of advanced feeding equipment. Based on the guiding thought of constant improvement, we keep striving to develop core technologies and improve product performance, to achieve both technological innovation and product innovation.
            With the chance of Indian exhibition, Boffin, Modena,Unifair, FCRI, and Nad held a thanks-giving banquet togetherin Morbi India on 2ndMarch, showing their deep thanks to the customer for the support and help at all the time.     For the first time Boffin has set foot on this hot land in India since 2005. They sweated silently for 15 years. They have established a broad customer base in India. Boffin brought new concept to India. In turn, the customer gave Boffin sincere support and let him continued to grow.       2018 was not an easy year for both Indian and Chinese ceramics industries. But no matter the market environment was ups or downs, Boffin people stick to their own duties, making good equipment, making good service.     Boffin brought India surprise again in 2019.   Smart faster feeding system for full body tile       Smart faster feeding system for rustic tile     The party was hot by the singing and dance of the host and the guest.Both released enthusiasm and convey friendship in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.     Let’s work more closely together, better the 2019!    
           Good luck to the commencement!     The rhythm of the gongs and drums resounded to the skies.     The lion was full of energy.     At the beginning of 2019,     Boffin staff is in high spirits.     They greeted the challenge of the New Year with a hundredfold of energy.    
            Reprint: Jiancai Tiandi Huangxiaowen   Looking ahead to the new year, Boffin held the “Encourage the Spirit, Carry Out the Implementation and endeavor the New Era” summary conference in factory of High tech-part of Zhangqing with the presenting of many leader, guests, all staff and media representatives. The atmosphere was warm.       2018 was destined to be an extraordinary year. It was the 10th year of Boffin. Affected by the economic environment, orders were reduced and profits were declining. But Boffin staff withstood the pressure, kept researching and developing, improving the problems and deficiencies. They went through the 2018.         At the beginning of the conference, general manager Mr. Liang hai guo gave a speech about the summary of 2018 and the plan of 2019. First of all, Mr. Liang summarized the four problems of Boffin’s overall operation in 2018 and proposed the implement solution. Secondly, he analyzed in detail the major accomplishments of 2018. 1,The Smart faster 1.0 launched at the beginning of the year. Now the Modern rustic tile project --- Dongpeng world impression has been put to production successfully. Smart faster 2.0 launched in the end of the year. Smart faster rustic tile feeder, Smart faster big slab feeder, Smart faster micronized powder feeder has been developed successfully. And some sales order has been signed. 2, The Dry process system has been improved and upgraded by the innovated of fine powder sieving improvement. The improvement of drawings and 3D modeling laid the foundation for dry process implementation. 3, In order to meet the market demand, Boffin developed the Wet process system and built Boffin Huasheng branch to let the system lead the trade. 4, Boffin has achieved a lot of impressive results in 2018, such as, Smart faster feeding system , Easy color system, Full body marble feeding system, Ceramic granular system, Fluid bed system acquired high-tech product certification in Guangdong Province.  Guangdong Engineering Technology Research Center, China Building Sanitary Ceramic Trade Raw Material Dry Process Research Center settled in Boffin. Boffin also got three certificates of ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System. On the bases of the above mention projects, government and social certificates, Mr. Liang proposed that the primary task of 2019 is to strengthen the internal management, increase the R & D fund, enhance the interaction and joint development with the major enterprises so as to achieve the win-win cooperation.       In 2019, Boffin will encourage the Spirit, carry Out the Implementation, devote every effort to the goal!    
          Contact us
          Address:No.6 of Industrial street,High-tech Park, Zhaoqing City,Guangdong,China
          Tel:86-0758-6639926 86-0757-86696312
          Sale hot line:0757-86696312
          Service hot line:0758-6639935

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