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          HomeAbout us  >  Leadership Speech

          Leader`s oration

          All the staff of the company and the people of all circles:
          BOFFIN company achieved good results with the hard working of all the staff and attention of widespread concern in the community. Please allow me to representative all the management of this company and thanks for all your support and express our most sincere grateful to you.?
          BOFFIN company works as a very important ceramic mechanical R&D institution in China. The company entrusted with serving the community, creating wealth for the shareholder ,? helping employees to realize their value,minding the render of good service to his country, as well as, bearing ideal faith of social service. Boffin makes determined efforts to be innovative. In the increasingly fierce competition,?Boffin is always being of?his best ability, presenting a strong comprehensive competition strength and growth performance constantly. BOFFIN has improved his performance 3-4 times per year since its establishment from middle of 2008. At present, the Sales area of domestic is mainly distributed in Guangdong, Shandong, Jiangxi, Sichuan, Hebei, Shenyang, Taiwan and other regions. In foreign countries,it is? mainly distributed in, India, Malaysia, , Indonesia, Vietnam, , Iran, etc. In the ceramic machinery field, our company shares 30% of the Chinese market?? .?
          Looking to the future, the mission and opportunity contains fascinating and inspiring. Standing at a new historical starting point, we should see clearly the difficulties and challenges ahead. We should face up to our limitations. With more confident, more enthusiasm, more practical style and more condensed combat effectiveness, we make BOFFIN stronger, more splendid, more excellent and bigger. We promote actively the first-class enterprise construction pace for large development to make newer and greater contributions to world ceramics.
          Finally, I wish you all smooth work , happy family, healthy and agreeable!

          Contact us
          Address:No.6 of Industrial street,High-tech Park, Zhaoqing City,Guangdong,China
          Tel:86-0758-6639926 86-0757-86696312
          Sale hot line:0757-86696312
          Service hot line:0758-6639935

          Copyright © 2017 Boffin Mechanical
          Design by:Kingtin
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