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          HomeProduct  >  Gold Crown II Feeding System

          Gold crownⅡfeeding system is one of the new product series launched by Boffin Company at the beginning of 2017.

          It includes dry-type multi-level granulation technology, duplication feeding technology and easy color technology. The feeding system achieves multi-level multi-colored flexible production by following methods: flexible color blending and granulation before feeding to enable the surface of tile body to fill powder on various areas then decorating the body surface with oriented or positioned lines to present marbling as tile. Still, it is from but beyond nature.

          These grains, stereo and dynamic, are completely different from that of static state in the past, which gives some inner stress and stereo pressure to the powder.

          The structure mentioned above makes possible for filling on various areas. Combining specific grains of moulds, ink-jet decoration and special materials of glazing line, it can largely show the sense of layer, particle and lines. Incredibly great and impressive!

          Gold Crown II-1

          Gold Crown II-2

          Gold Crown II-3

          Smart Faster Rustic tile
          Smart Faster Rustic tile

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          Tel:86-0758-6639926 86-0757-86696312
          Sale hot line:0757-86696312
          Service hot line:0758-6639935

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