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          The first exhibiton | Indian Ceramics 2018
          Indian Ceramics 2018  jointly organized by Unifair Exhibiton Service  and Messe München in Gujarat Gandhinagar Exhibition Centre from 7th to 9th on March 2018. Around 300 exhibitors from India China, Italy, Spain, British and  other countries presented and dispalyed their hot sales products for  more than 8000 ceramic purchasers. Including slab press, vironmental protection euqipment, function ink, milling system, and other state-of-the-art  cemamic equipments and technology. Guangdong Boffin Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd, led by general manager Mr Liang Haiguo and vice general manager Mr Liang Zhijiang(Jacky) has been taken part in Indian Ceramics 2018. In 2018, Boffin grandly introduced  Smart Faster I Feeding System. Adopting five-dimensional feeding technology to  realize multi-level and multi-color flexible production. Surface feeding develop to depth feeding. Realizing the tile surface and body grains  the same as real full body marble. Lots of purchasers were stop at Boffin's stall. 200 mesh Magical Grinding System also has been loved by users.   Magical Grinding System grinds and squeezes raw materials  of different grain sizes into 200 mesh powder. The features of this system are large capacity, high efficiency with low consumption. Many domestic ceramic factories have went into production. They were surprised by the effect of energy saving! Besides showing products and  receiving customers, a thankful banquet Walk On 2018  was jointly held by Boffin and Modena   in Inidan Metro hotel on 12nd evening. The banquet become very relax when the hall was full of soft light and the hot Indian music began to play. Guests applauded for the excellent shows. Everybody enjoyed their time. So far, India Ceramic Exhibition has finished. But Boffin's business philosophy  Innovate Your Creativity will not finised. Boffin will continue to focus on energy-saving and emission-reduction, and greens environmental protection to promote ceramic industrial  transition and upgrading!
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